5 Things you didn't know you needed!

5 Things you didn't know you needed!

Sometimes you come across an item that makes your life so much easier, you wonder how you lived without it. Examples of these would be cell phones, internet, netflix and the ability to order anything you want without leaving your house. While there are obvious items in fly fishing that make your life easier, these next 5 products you may have not seen yet or maybe haven't thought about using them. 



1. Air Lock indicators. Basically, they took a thingamabobber and made it better. These little guys (available in 4 sizes) all adjust from a little screw and washer. Once you have the indicator on, it takes just seconds to loosen the screw and adjust depth. Once you are at the desired depth, simply retighten. The air lock doesn't kink your leader like a thingamabobber does. 

While I love these, there is one problem. If you aren't careful, you can lose the little screw piece which makes the rest of the system useless. When you are putting it on, or taking it off, be extra careful! Here's a link to these on amazon: http://amzn.to/2ojRdOD

2. Magnetic key holder. Yup, that's right. When you launch your boat, where do you leave the key for the shuttle? Gas tank? Tire? Hide it better with a simple magnetic key holder. You can get them anywhere. Walmart, local hardware store, or here


3. Net holder from Smith Creek. I have big net. I use to have small net attached to my sling pack. It started hurting my shoulder after fishing all day. I ended up getting a long handled net and would slide it in my wading belt. I came across this guy and love it. I personally feel its expensive for what it is, but it does keep my net where it needs to be! Here's another amazon link for ya.



4. 5/16 Elastic bands for braces. I know what you are thinking, but hear me out. This is one of the best indicator systems if you need to be a little more stealthy. This system was designed by Pat Dorsey. Here's a youtube link explaining it as well as an amazon link where you can buy the bands. Trust me, it's worth watching. 



5. Fly trap fly patch. This is one of my favorite new things you may haven't seen yet. They are being carried by Trouts as well as other retailers. I've been using the minimalist version for the past few weeks and it's awesome. Its a silicon fly patch that rotates, holds tippet (most versions) as well as tools. There are three sizes available; XSM Minimalist (tippet holder), FT1, and XLT (tippet holder). For me personally, the choice was between the minimalist or the XLT simply because it held tippet. I've attached mine on my sling bag (just like the picture). It's super handy to not have to swing the bag around to switch things up. Check them out online, preferably trouts since I have a affiliate partnership with them.

I love mine! In fact I love mine so much, I'm going to give you one. Leave a comment below on what you think you would use most from this list. I will randomly pick a winner and send you whatever size Flytrap you like!




  • Bill Thomas

    I would be all about those strike indicators. Must have to carp fishing in murky water!

  • Kelcey

    Love my Air Lock indicators, I fish with my 2 boys on big water out west and those indicators are a must!

  • Thad Sweet

    That Fly Trap Fly Patch is certainly intriguing! Would love to get my hands on one!

  • Dan Nedvidek

    Toss up between the air lock indicators and the fly trap. I’m teaching my dad and little brother the basics of nymphing and I’m struggling to find an indicator system that I like. The fly trap just looks cool, plus I’ve been meaning to pick up a tippet holder for some time now.

  • Todd Newberry

    I would put it in my orvis sling pack. I would take he place of wearing my lanyard (which gets tangled up with the sling pack and reading glasses). This is one special tool that could save me time keeping a fly in the water.

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