Consistency is key. 

This is a saying that's been around forever. Since I took over TNFLYCO, a common theme keeps emerging. Consistency in sizing. 

In the early stages of this business, shirts were purchased from multiple different places. Local printing shops, online shops and start ups. All these businesses have a brand or two that they use almost all the time. Unfortunately, it was usually different brands. When we ordered a shirt from a local place, it would vary differently from an online place and vice versa. I get emails and messages regularly enough that I felt the need to address this issue. Most of these messages say something like "I bought a shirt two years ago and the one I just ordered fits completely different! Can I exchange for a different size?"

Sound familiar? Stay tuned. 

When I took over, the first thing I wanted to do was use one brand. I'm using the same high quality shirts for every t-shirt and long sleeve tee so sizing will be consistent. Of course, there are exceptions. All the solar tech shirts will be a different company than the t shirts as will the hoodies. Here is a break down!

Shirts (short and long sleeve): All from one company. These are the high quality poly blend that you have come to love from us. These a lightweight, soft and super comfortable. They generally fit a tad small. I always encourage people to size up unless you like your shirt a little snug. 

Solar tech: These are the shirts that keep you from getting burned. These also fit snug. Size up unless you like the close fit. 

Hoodies: These are big, warm and comfortable. They are made for layering and fit true to size. Order whatever size you usually wear. 

If you have purchased any clothing from us since the Winter 2016 run, you know how the clothes will fit from here on out. I hope this helps clear up some issues and thank you for supporting us!



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