The First Month

Well, my first month as owner of TN FLY CO is in the books. It’s been a great month with some steep learning curves. When I first took over, I made it a priority to only sell items I actually have in stock. So far, the response has been fantastic! Anytime I get a new order, I have it boxed up and ready to ship that day! As a customer, that means you get the item(s) fast! The only problem with this approach is that it limits the amount of items I have for sale. Every time I order something, I’m taking a chance. Did I get the right amount? The right sizes? When can I order something new? I don’t want to stretch myself too thin but at the same time, I want to keep putting out new items. With that said, I’m hopeful to have a couple more new items available for the holidays! 

When I relaunched the store on October 1st, there were still a lot of backorders to weed through. Cal, the previous owner, has worked hard and all those orders are cleared up. 

Where are we going next? 

The next step for TN FLY CO is simple. While I have big dreams starting next year, the plan is the same. Put out awesome gear that looks great. TN FLY CO is an apparel company. Hats, shirts, stickers, etc…We make gear that you will be proud to wear. Gear that will will make you proud to be an angler who loves Tennessee (whether you are from here or not). 

What do we need from you?

Support. When I say that, that doesn’t mean to buy everything we have (that would be great if you did though). When you get outdoors, take some pictures! Fish, mountains, rivers, anything! When you post those pictures on social media make sure and tag us (tnflyco)! Also, subscribe to our email list. I'm not going to send an email every day, but I will send them out when there is a new product coming or just to say hello!

Thanks again everyone for the support. It’s been a crazy start but it’s going to be a fun ride. Let’s create a brand that speaks for our state and our passions. 



Derrick White

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  • Ryan Casey

    Derrick congrats on the ownership! Bring back the steal ur face hat! Thnx.. continued support!

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