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        Arctic Fox Hair


        Arctic Fox Tail Hair

        Hot orangeBlackRedTanKingfisher blueCharteuseOliveWhitePurple

        Barred and Speckled Crazy Legs

        RustChartreuse greenDark oliveBrownRedFrog greenBonefish tanOrangeOlivePumpkinLight olive

        Caster's Squirmito (squirmy wormy bodies)

        Bright redGlow in the darkLt oliveVioletFl chartreuseClear white

        CDC Oiler Puffs

        OliveGray oliveLight dunSulphur orangeWhiteBlackPale oliveRusty spinnerNatural dunBlue winged oliveMedium dunSlate gray

        Coq De Leon

        Barred speckled aconchadoBlack speckled corzunoMedium speckledDunGinger speckled flor de escobaLight speckledDark speckled

        Crazy Legs

        Olive/black flakePearlSilver metalicClear/salt-n-pepper flakeMinnow greyChartreuse/black flakeWhite/silver flakeChartreuse/silver flake