Foundry is a fly fishing lifestyle brand based out of Crossville, TN.  It's family owned and operated.    We've built our brand based on our love of fly fishing and the outdoors, but more importantly, the people that share that love. That was the main driving force behind starting this brand. We strive to embody that spirit in all of our products. 
   Every leather patch that goes on our hats is stitched in house by myself. It's not the fastest or easiest route, but I take a lot of pride in each hat that is made. Most of our shirts are now screen printed in house as well. It's really our way of ensuring you'll be happy with your purchase.  That's the goal behind everything we sell. Everything is made with love.
For fishermen. By fishermen. 
When we aren't stitching, we're fishing, and we hope to see you on the streams! 
-Foundry Family