Caney Fork Knee-High Socks

Caney Fork Knee-High Socks

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The perfect companion for Chota®’s wading and portage boots. 100% waterproof, keeps you warm and dry up to the knee.

Skin-out neoprene gasket coupled with a nylon cinch strap keeps the top in place just below the knee and helps prevent flooding. The Caney Fork Sock waterproof neoprene sock foot for warmth, plus a wader style “Gravel Guard” that keeps sand & grit out of your boots. (Boots Sold Separately.)


  • 100% Breathable and Waterproof Polyester
  • 3mm Neoprene Stocking Foot
  • Skin-Out Neoprene Gasket
  • Nylon Cinch Strap at Knee
  • Integrated Gravel Guards

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