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Scientific Anglers Mastery Titan

Scientific Anglers Mastery Titan

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Go big, and go long. For the big-fish specialist, Scientific Anglers Mastery Titan Fly Line can handle the heavy work for you. Its short, powerful head is matched by a short front taper, providing the mass to throw the biggest flies in your arsenal with regularity. Whether you fish from a boat or wade, Mastery Titan always loads quickly and delivers the beef far downrange, as needed. Specifically designed for temperate climates. Features Scientific Anglers' patented Shooting Technology Plus ultra-slick coating, developed to shoot farther and float your line higher than any comparable line. Braided multifilament core; equipped with SA´ID line identification system and welded loops at both ends.

  • The ultimate big lure/big fish fly line
  • Designed to throw the biggest flies in your box
  • Short, powerful head with a short front taper
  • Loads quickly, shoots far, floats high
  • Can be fished from a boat or while wading
  • Braided multifilament core
  • Shooting Technology Plus ultra-slick coating
  • SA´ID line identification system
  • Welded loops at both ends
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