Spring is here!

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Acting on a tip, I decided to head up to the park and try to catch some wild trout. I heard it was picking up, and I will say I was not disappointed. 

I don't get to "sneak" away much anymore. My fishing days have to be relatively planned these days. While I wanted to get out, I had given up on the thought of fishing this weekend. Yesterday, I was hanging out at my house when my buddy sent me some pictures of some fish he caught at the park. I didn't think much of it until today. After lunch, my kids laid down for a nap and I start thinking about the mountains. I started pacing the house. My wife knows that when I pace I need to get out. She said the sweetest thing any spouse could ever say..."you can go fishing if you want". I'm not sure I even said another word. I was in my car and driving before she had time to change her mind. 

I drove up to Metcalf bottoms. That's my default area when I don't have much time. The picnic area was PACKED so I went to my super secret second spot. It's a secret because I have no idea where it is. I drove and found a pull off and starting watching the water. It was a beautiful thing. Trout were literally jumping out of the water eating bugs. And the bugs were everywhere. I got into the water and had one of the best days in the park I've ever had. Spring is here. Bugs are here. Tie on a dry fly and go fishing. 



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