The Basics: How to Fly Tie

So, you want to tie your first fly. Awesome! Here are the barebones basic tools you will need...

The Basic Tools Needed for Your First Tie:

1. A Vise: this holds your fly while you tie. Basic vises that hook onto any table start around $15.

2. A Hook: choose your size and style preference for what you wish to tie. Of course, the smaller the size number, the larger the hook.

3. Thread: threads come in a variety of deniers (or thicknesses) and colors. The higher the denier number, the thicker the thread.

4. Scissors: doesn't have to be anything fancy, but you will need them.

5. Other materials: do you want a bead, chenille, feathers, dubbing, wire, or glue?

6. Patience: take a deep breath and remember everyone starts somewhere. Be patient with yourself and know the ugliest flies can be the best at catching fish ;)

Want to progress your skills? Don't be afraid to ask someone with more experience to evaluate your fly or give pointers on your next!