Collection: The Basics: Learn to Fly Fish

Everyone starts somewhere and we love that you're trying something new! When starting anything, it's easy to get overwhelmed and not know on what products to spend your money. This category contains the basics of what we recommend for beginner fly fishers. Keeping it simple. Keeping it in a beginner's budget. Sorted in order of our best sellers.


The Shopping List

  1. Flies - essential for enticing fish. Fish eat bugs. Choose from staff fly pick pucks, squirmy wormies, and nymphs/wet flies.
  2. Fly box - for storing and keeping your flies from falling into the river.
  3.  Rod & Reel - we always recommend rod & reel outfits or preloaded reels for money-saving beginners.
  4. Wading - are you wading? If so, choose a wader and a boot. We recommend felt soled boots to reduce slipping and sliding on the rocks. Miss Mayfly waders are fantastic for women of all sizes, sized from slim up to supreme, fitting up to a 63" girth. Chota's Rocky River Wader is a great price point for beginning waders.
  5. Polarized sunglasses - you may already have some. If so, great! If not, check out the sunglasses in this category. You will be thankful when the sun is glaring across the water, blinding you. Polarization helps reduce the glare on the water.


The Top Three (Affordable) Reels for Beginners to Buy:

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