Dave Whitlock SLF Pattern Blends


This collection of dubbing is absolutely fantastic for any fly you are wanting to tie. Buggy and effective, designed by a legend. 

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Additional Information

Brown stone nymph, Damsel nymph olive, Damsel nymph tan, Dark stone nymph, Dragonfly dark nymph, Dragonfly olive, Golden stone nymph, Hellgrammite, Minnow belly, Minnow gills, Nearnuff crayfish natural brown, Nearnuff crayfish natural orange, Nearnuff crayfish sandy gray, Nearnuff sculpin golden brown, Nearnuff sculpin olive, Rfs nymph abdomen, Rfs nymph thorax, Scud shrimp gray, Scud shrimp olive, Scud shrimp orange pink, Scud shimp tan, Sowbug gray, Sowbug tan, Stonefly nymph gills