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Optional Audio/Visual Casting Marker

Optional Audio/Visual Casting Marker

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The weight forward line profile gives you performance advantages in the majority of fishing situations, however, for a weight forward line to be used effectively, you need to be able to identify the rear taper of the line. By aerialising the line past the rear taper, you rapidly lose casting efficiency, and by not aerialising, the full belly length your distance casting will be reduced.

The Audio/Visual Casting Marker identifies the rear taper of the fly line by both sight and sound, and can be fitted to or removed from any weight forward line. Simply slide onto the running line (reel end) until it is stopped by the increasing diameter of the rear taper. Being thin walled and flexible the marker will stay in position, and will not affect the casting of the line. Contrasting in color to the fly line, the marker will be easily spotted, and as it passes through the tip ring, you will hear a faint click indicating the optimum point for distance casting.

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