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Standard Nylon Tapered Leader

Standard Nylon Tapered Leader

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VARIVAS’s Tapered Leader – Standard ST has been reborn. By reevaluating the material from scratch and combining it with VARIVAS’s new hi-tech Smooth Tech Coating, VARIVAS has reinvented a more flexible and durable product.

      • From beginners to professional anglers, streams, lakes, and saltwater, this product is a versatile choice for all skill levels and environments.
      • Invisible in the water.  The color of the end-part is Misty Green, and the tippet, Natural Clear.
      • Has a smaller end diameter to match the thickness of the tippet.
      • Smooth Tech Coating reduces surface friction, increases durability, prevents water absorption.

Color: Butt-section: Misty Green / Tippet: Clear

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