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Veevus Holographic Tinsel

Veevus Holographic Tinsel

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It does not lose color or split up when stretched.

Sizes available:

Small (1/69") (30m per spool)

Medium (1/32") (20m per spool)

Large (1/16") (11m per spool)

H01 = Holo Rainbow
H02 = Holo Chartreuse
H03 = Holo Red
H04 = Holo Silver
H05 = Holo Gold
H06 = Holo Copper
H07 = Holo Purple
H08 = Holo Fuchsia
H09 = Holo Teal
H10 = Holo Blue
H11 = Holo Green
H12 = Holo Light Purple
H13 = Holo Black
H14 = Holo Orange
H15 = Holo Cranberry
H16 = Holo Brown
H17 = Holo Yellow
H18 = Holo Pink

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